Fun Activities To Do In Kangaroo Island

If you’re thinking of visiting Kangaroo Island for a vacation, there are so many things for you to try. You can go with your entire family or make it a trip with your friends. The Island is quite large and it will take some time to get to the destination from the airport. But the road to the island goes through scenic routes that you will enjoy.

The wilderness in this place is astounding. You will truly feel like you’re part of nature when you visit. There are many tours to this island and you can participate in a day trip to Kangaroo Island if you’re in a bit of a hurry so that you can hit the most popular spots. Other than the wilderness, you will also meet the amazing people of the island. You will be able to see a sheep dairy farm and factory in the Island Pure Sheep Dairy which will be something interesting to witness. You can truly appreciate the simple beauty in farm life and learn what goes on in the dairy production. You will be able to see how the dairy products reach your table.The Islander Estate was declared a wine region and has some high quality homegrown wines. You can visit the winery and have a tour of it while you get to sip from a unique wine range. You can buy a bottle if you love it so that you can take it back home for your friends to try.

You’ll be able to visit the Seal bay Conservation Park when you’re on wildlife tours Kangaroo Island. This will be a unique experience for you to see seals enjoying themselves in their natural environment. There are guided tours to the beach so that you can get a closer look of the sea lions and the pups. There is also a viewing platform that you can walk to. If you love beaches, you have to visit Vivonne Bay that is home to Little Sahara sand dunes. You can swim and surf here as well as go on fishing.

Another popular activity to do here is to slide down the enormous mountains of sand. There are actually sand boards that you can hire from a general store to do this. For those interested in diving, this island provides so many wonderful opportunities. The temperature is just right and there are so many things for you to look at. There are corals in various colours and exotic fish. There are shipwrecks on the ocean floor that you can check out as a part of your island adventure. You will also be able to see a lot of dolphins frolicking in the sea.